Sunday, April 4, 2010


Happy Easter, all! And what says Easter more than new crochet guys. I am finally back to crocheting after about 7 months of nothing. If you have seen my previous posts, I was diagnosed with tendinitis about 6 months ago and it has taken all of this time for the pain to fully go away. I've done a few stitches here and there over the months, but my first full project since the diagnosis was yesterday. I am making two of my little guys. Here are some pictures.

If you can't tell the first one is Edward Cullen and the second is Dracula. I made the body for Edward about a year ago. It was actually intended to be Captain Jack Harkness, but A) these are presents for a friend of mine and B) I didn't have time to make two new bodies and C) the colors were right (although I wish Ed were a little paler). I made the hair yesterday and it took about 45 minutes. For the record I HATE working with fuzzy yarns, but I think Edward's hair is perfect. I found some really great tips here at PlanetJune.

I started Dracula yesterday and finished him today. Let me tell you, his hair was a pain, but I think he finally looks really good. He has a felt cape that I sewed together, and awesome little fangs.

The only problem now is Edwards eyes. Once that is done, these gifts will be complete! I can't wait to see my friends face. I hope she likes them.