Sunday, May 24, 2009

And the lesson is...

So, once upon a time...

An evil scien-temptress created an amazing being. And his name was Frankenguy. She worked tirelessly for two weeks to give him the perfect body. After hours of labor she believed her work to be complete. She finished her creation, and stitched him up.

Weeks went by and she realized that Frankenguy's body was not being shown to it's full potential. He sagged in places that should have been svelte. There was only one thing to be done... surgery.

The surgery was long and painful. It took two long hours, but in the end her work done she believed that her creation was even better...

Now children... what is the moral of this fairlytale???

Always over stuff your projects the first time. Don't try to resort to open crochet surgery weeks later... the ending may not be a happy one.

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