Tuesday, February 17, 2009

I really liked the idea, but...

I enjoy spending time online finding crochet patterns and crafts. Let me tell you that there are some extremely creative people out there! One of these people inspired me quite a bit. You can find her work here.

Her flickr page shows many of her little people. I must say that I think they are absolutely amazing and I love them. That being said, I was not a fan of the pattern she posted for her people, so I decided to make my own, that's what Frankenguy is. He is the pattern that I needed to make a present for a dear friend of mine.

My friend is a HUGE fan of anime. When I e-mailed her the pictures of the Serenity cast she made a comment about wanting the characters of InuYasha. It took me three weeks, but I was extremely happy with the results.

It took me three weeks, because I needed to make a pattern for the bodies, figure out the best way to do their hair, and come up with patterns for their clothing.

This is a picture of my friend. She didn't like the picture, but I wanted to show as much of her reaction as possible, so I blacked out her eyes for her.

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  1. Those guys are really cute! You did a great job on Kagome's dress, the pleats are amazing! And don't they always take longer than you think? Anyway, keep up the great work, those guys are adorable.